Keith Tyson
Keith Tyson Studio in Bermondsey
First gallery Artmachine exhibition, Anthony Reynold Gallery, London 1995
Spiral Cathedral from Molecular Compound No.4, Project Book 1999 Artmachine Repeater Series: "Dual Workstations (30 seconds late and early)" 1998-99
Artmachine Iteration "An Emergency Meeting of the Doughnut Assembly" 1997
Artmachine Iteration: "The Prodigy" 1997
Artmachine Proposal for Iteration "Timemachine (for traveling into the future at a rate of 9 192 631 770 periods of the radiation corresponding to the transition between 2 hyperfine level of the ground state of a caesium - 133 atom per second)" 1995
Tyson Drawings at Anthony Reynolds Gallery
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