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The sensations of sitting, standing, or running are, first and foremost, plastic sensations and they are responsible for the development of corresponding "objects of use" and largely determine their form. A chair, bed, and table are not matters of utility but rather, the forms taken by plastic sensations, so the generally held view that all objects of daily use result from practical considerations is based upon false premises.

Kasimir Malevich  1927

Glowing coffee tables, chairs and a chaise-lounge have been fabricated from galvanized sheet-metal and are variously finished with plexiglass, lights, carpet and fabric.  Hard-edged and geometric, but also practical and comfortable, they provide a platform and illumination to ponder the esthetics of use and the use of esthetics.

Also included at the A/D show are handle prototypes, a painting, and a mobile.

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